Zilliqa ($ZIL) And BudBlockz ($BLUNT)


An altcoin is any cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin and describes just about any alternative coin available within the crypto space.

However, there are over 22,000 different cryptocurrencies for investors to pick from, which makes the overall decision about the best coin difficult for many. As such, many of these coins become either unknown or undiscovered. 

However, some cryptocurrencies are pushing past the noise and becoming underrated gems with huge upsides, even in the current market downtrends. 

Today, we will look at Zilliqa ($ZIL) And BudBlockz ($BLUNT) to see what makes these projects stand out and why they have grown in popularity and value.

Zilliqa ($ZIL), Its Value, and Why It’s Underrated

Zilliqa is a blockchain purpose-built to fight the issues surrounding scalability and throughput seen across competing networks. 

The deployment of a procedure known as sharding improves the speed of transactions, ultimately enabling a much higher level of scalability.

Through sharding, the network can achieve an increased number of transactions per second (TPS), and it allows users to use it to host decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts without worrying about network congestion or high gas fees. 

Its $ZIL token also has a high level of utility, as it can be used to store and exchange value, and it even has staking-related use cases where users can stake a portion of their holdings.

However, $ZIL is underrated at the moment but has remained positive despite the market downtrends, with tremendous growth potential ahead.

BudBlockz ($BLUNT) And It’s Potential to Pass Many Other Altcoins in Growth

BudBlockz ($BLUNT) is another underrated cryptocurrency and has flown under the radar for many people because it’s one of the newer projects. 

However, make sure to let its young age in the crypto space fool you, as it has caught the attention of numerous cryptocurrency investors and price forecast experts. 

BudBlockz is an ecosystem entirely built along the idea of enabling users access to the cannabis industry, and this is powered by its native cryptocurrency, the $BLUNT token.

The holders of the $BLUNT cryptocurrency can enter the ecosystem to access the cannabis space and gain fractional ownership of specific cannabis-related assets.

Furthermore, BudBlockz offers an e-commerce platform connecting token holders with dispensaries, farms, CBD manufacturers, and much more. Since it’s built on Ethereum and leverages its blockchain infrastructure, users can make encrypted peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, leading to high user privacy. $BLUNT is also used as a governance token within the ecosystem and aims to enhance fair and transparent trading and make it available to everyone.

The cannabis space can reach a global cannabis market cap of over 176.5 billion USD within the next decade, according to economic specialists and their forecast. The overall utility of $BLUNT, and the ecosystem it supports, makes this one of the most promising projects in the crypto space, and it is an underrated altcoin worth taking a look at by any investor or trader who wishes to earn massive profits in the future. 

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