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White Nationalist Group Escalates Activity, Prompts Calls for Stronger Legal Penalties


Patriot Front, a white nationalist group whose members are accused of a misdemeanor count of conspiring to riot at an LGBTQ gathering and in downtown Coeur d’Alene in June, has escalated its activities. Both activists and legal community members are calling for prosecutors to mount a more substantive case against them, reports Odette Yousef for NPR.

Southern Poverty Law Center reports that the group posted more than 1,000 pieces of racist propaganda between June and August, marched in Indianapolis, and in Boston in July, where they are accused of assaulting a Black man with shields. In addition, the Task Force Butler Institute sent a document totaling more than 200 pages to state and local prosecutors in Idaho, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and the DOJ, detailing the extremist group’s activities and suggesting criminal and civil statutes that may be actionable.

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