Where Can You Learn Blockchain Development? 


Blockchain development is the latest “hot” career in the technology sector. The demand for blockchain talent is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. With an average salary of $150,000, a blockchain developer can expect to earn more than a software developer. 

Although blockchain was initially created to support cryptocurrencies, it can be useful for several other sectors. Private organizations and the government can implement blockchain to boost speed and efficiency, increase transparency, and reduce the risk of fraud. 

What skills do you need for a career in blockchain

Blockchain development is the process of designing, building, and maintaining blockchain applications and systems. However, there are two primary types of blockchain developers namely; the core blockchain developer and the blockchain software developer. 

The core blockchain developer is someone who develops the security and architecture of a blockchain system. Meanwhile, a blockchain software developer creates applications on an existing blockchain platform. You can choose to specialize on what interests you the most. 

A career in blockchain can be very rewarding but it requires developers to have a strong set of skills. Below are a few must-have skills for blockchain development. 

  • Fundamentals of blockchain technology

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that can be used to record transactions and track assets in the network. To become a blockchain developer, you have to know the components of a blockchain and how they all fit together. 

  • The different types of blockchain technology

A developer needs to know the different types of blockchain networks, their benefits, and drawbacks, and how to utilize them. There are four main types of blockchain technology: public blockchains, private blockchains, hybrid blockchains, and consortium blockchains. 

Cryptography is the practice of using security techniques to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Blockchain developers need to understand how to use cryptography and security principles to keep the network secure.

Blockchain developers need to understand one or more programming languages. You should learn high-level languages such as JavaScript, GoLang, C++ or C#, Solidity, Python, and Ruby. You have to be very proficient in the languages that you choose to code with. 

A smart contract is a self-executing program based on the agreement between two or more parties. It allows the exchange of goods or services without any third party or intermediary. You should learn how to create smart contracts because this is an important skill in the field. 

  • Data structures and blockchain architecture

Blockchain technology uses data structures to store and organize data across the system. As a developer, you have to implement them while designing or building applications. You should be familiar with the blockchain architecture too.

Where can you learn blockchain development?

Blockchain technology provides maximum security, reliability, and transparency. Many companies are starting to explore blockchain but there’s a shortage of talent in the field. 

After identifying the skills for a career in blockchain, it’s time to actually pursue an education or acquire those crucial skills. Below are the best learning pathways to take:

  • A coding language course is essential. 

If you have a non-technical background, it’s helpful to kickstart your blockchain journey with a coding language course. You will learn how to develop web applications and understand how to solve real-world problems with code. 

  • Take courses to learn blockchain basics

As a beginner, you need to understand all there is to know about blockchain technology. So you need courses that will explain cryptocurrencies, 

cryptography, dApps (decentralized applications), peer-to-peer networking, cybersecurity principles, and smart contracts. 

  • Get involved in blockchain projects.

Blockchain development is very hands-on. You can get started with some beginner projects in blockchain. You can also choose to join a DAO or DeFi community and contribute ideas or solutions. Being a part of a project will help you master blockchain rather than watching online courses or reading documentation all day.

  • Join blockchain boot camps.

A blockchain bootcamp is one of the best pathways for becoming a blockchain developer. You will learn the concepts, software, and tools required in the field. Some bootcamps can help you transition from Web2 to Web3 as a developer. While others are designed for those with no prior programming experience. 

  • Complete a professional certificate in blockchain. 

A blockchain certificate can help to build your foundational knowledge in blockchain as well as equip you with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies needed for the role. You can complete an online blockchain certificate from anywhere in just six courses (18 credit hours). 

  • Complete a bachelor of science in computer science degree. 

It’s also helpful to complete a computer science or an IT-related degree. Many recruiters and companies often require blockchain developers to have at least a bachelor’s degree. This would also prove useful in the future when you might want to move into senior positions.

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