Waiting For Casper (CSPR) And Internet Computer (ICP) To Rise Again? Try BudBlockz (BLUNT) Instead


For crypto and blockchain enthusiasts with diverse token holdings, there’s a chance you’ll have a few tokens slump occasionally. Lately, for example, Casper (CSPR) and Internet Computer (ICP) are some of the tokens to have seen significant dips. 

So if you’ve been holding any of them and you’re waiting for feature development and market forces to awaken them, let’s talk about how BudBlockz (BLUNT) can breathe some much-needed life into your portfolio in the meantime.

Tradable events

Many tokens have been exposed to the general via several trading platforms and experienced numerous rises and drops. However, BudBlockz’s BLUNT token still has numerous events ahead of it, such as the Uniswap listing, a token burn, a staking launch and an NFT collection release.

Each of these events spurs trading activity giving people who scooped up some BLUNT early on the opportunity to maximize profits. As with all trading, there will be many instances of the price ascending and descending, so those who can quickly spot patterns and ascertain the resultant general upward trend stand to win big. For now, as a new platform with so many events in store, BudBlockz is going to be rising. 

Legalization domino effect

The BLUNT token is built to facilitate the cannabis trade, and so far, the regions targeted for opening dispensaries are California, Amsterdam, Portugal, Barcelona, the Czech Republic and Belgium. While this list of weed-friendly areas may seem short, it is actually a good thing for the BLUNT token.

It means the token has tremendous upside – as most regions have yet to legalize marijuana, each one that gives the cannabis industry the green light ignites some trading activity within the BudBlockz ecosystem.

The trend toward decriminaliztion means more people will search for the BLUNT token to buy cannabis products and enjoy discounts from dispensaries in new weed-friendly regions. Others will also seek the token to invest in fractional ownership of new farms and other marijuana businesses opening up in response to legalization. 

And as all this happens, others will be eyeing the rewards from staking BLUNT in an ecosystem that just got an uptick in transaction volume thanks to a legalization event. This cycle soon becomes self-perpetuating as places neighboring weed-friendly regions also pursue the economic success brought by marijuana. 


With the BLUNT token enjoying support from wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet, it is at a significant advantage. Users have more options regarding the dApps they can interact with to borrow funds or swap tokens.

So, as BLUNT exists side-by-side with other EVM-compatible assets, it’ll be near economic activities that foster liquidity, which can flow into the BudBlockz ecosystem. Users will also be more able to involve the token in trading pairs, bridging, and other activities that increase its value over time. 

Instead of being sealed off in its own silo, BLUNT is right in the mix with all the other popular tokens and dApps, making adoption easier. The future of blockchain is cross-chain and multi-chain. Ethereum is leading in these trends, so BLUNT is destined for the positives of this interoperability wave. 

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