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Video Contradicts Initial Police Report in Tyre Nichols Arrest


The initial police report written shortly after Tyre Nichols was beaten by police in Memphis and arrested, does not match footage released from the incident, Jessica Jaglois, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Mitch Smith report for The New York Times. The report painted Nichols as an “angry” suspect who had “started to fight” with officers. The videos, which were released last week and document Memphis police beating Nichols to death after a traffic stop, appear to show Nichols never struck back at officers.

At the initial traffic stop, when one officer threatened to fire his Taser and another threatened to break Nichols’ hands, Nichols said at one point: “You guys are really doing a lot right now.” Around this time, the police report claimed that Nichols grabbed for a detective’s gun, which does not appear to be supported by the videos released on Friday. Nichols died after the incident. So far, five officers involved in the arrest and beating have been charged criminally. Seven total have been fired or removed from their duties while investigation into Nichols’ death continues.

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