Uniswap (UNI), Azuki, and Orbeon (ORBN)


Delving into crypto investment and choosing the best project can be a daunting task. However, only a few existing projects, like Uniswap and Azuki, have proven to be suitable. Fortunately, newer projects like Orbeon Protocol – still in its first presale phase, are turning the tide with excellent and ingenious use cases. This article will help you identify the best projects to keep an eye on and why you should consider the Orbeon Protocol token.

Orbeon Protocol – A Revolutionized Crowdfunding and Venture Capital Platform

Orbeon Protocol is undoubtedly one of the most important upcoming projects to revolutionize the crowdfunding and venture capital industry. The investment and crypto crowdfunding platform doubles as a launchpad that enables businesses and startups to connect seamlessly with investors.

One of the innovative, unique features of the Orbeon Protocol is that it allows investors to invest fractionally in vetted businesses in their early stages with equity-based NFTs. In other words, users can invest in promising projects by buying as low as $1 share of a project in its early stage. 

Another ingenious feature that makes Orbeon Protocol the next blue chip investment is that it features a tamper-proof security system – the Fill or Kill mechanism. This system is encoded in the project’s smart contract, ensuring that investors’ assets are protected from scams or rug pulls.

Orbeon Protocol’s ecosystem economy is powered by $ORBN. The token controls all economic and governance activities within the Orbeon Protocol. It also allows users to earn passive and promotional rewards, including staking yields, discounts, and cashback. 

Orbeon token is still in its presale phase with an alluring price of $0.004. Luckily, Orbeon Protocol’s models for changing the traditional investing landscape make it an excellent investment option. As a result, analysts have speculated that the token will experience a quick growth in demand and a dazzling value rise that will exceed $0.24 or 6000% soon.

Uniswap – Ethereum’s First Decentralised AMM Exchange

Uniswap is an Ethereum-based peer-to-peer and decentralized automated market maker and crypto exchange. Founded by Hayden Adams in 2018, the platform allows users to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies and enjoy various DeFi opportunities in a decentralized way. 

Uniswap is a vast world of DeFi opportunities, and its importance in promoting decentralized asset trading make it stand out as a good investment option. In addition, Uniswap has an ERC-20 native token that is useful for various utility purposes, including governance processes and passive earning via staking and yield farming. 

UNI is currently trading at $6.5 with a whopping market capitalization of $4.9 billion. Meanwhile, even though the token was about 85% from its all-time high price in May 2021, it has started gaining momentum. Analysts have speculated that its price may surpass previous ATH in the coming months, making it a good investment.


Azuki – Creating a Decentralised Future from The Garden

Azuki is a community-driven web3 and NFT project that blends art with culture. Created by Chiru Labs, Azuki NFTs are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated Japanese anime-themed characters. 

Every Azuki holder will have access to The Garden, where they can enjoy further NFT drips, collabs, and exclusive events. The collection, released in January 2022 with a mint price of $3,400, registered more than $30 million in trading volume within minutes. 

Azuki gained mainstream traction when its floor price clinched an all-time high FP of 32 ETH (about $112,000) in March/April 2022. In fact, the most expensive Azuki is the ultra-rare Azuki #9605, which sold for 420 ETH (about $1.4 million). Despite numerous FUDs, the collection is trading at 11.5 ETH, about a 60% drop from ATH floor price. Therefore, now is an excellent time to ape into the project.

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