Crypto (GLO) Staged Presale Creating Noise In The Avalanche (AVAX) And Cronos (CRO) Ecosystems


Uniglo (GLO), a new investment DAO that’s currently in ICO mode, has been causing a buzzing noise on DeFi layer-1 blockchains like Avalance (AVAX) and Cronos (CRO). It’s the sound of envy. While Avalanche posted about 20 million and Cronos 10 million transactions last week, credit card processor Visa posts around 600 million transactions every single day. And that’s just one financial service provider. The point is, along with the rest of the crypto world, mass adoption seems a long, long way away. 

If DeFi platforms are going to see mass adoption, they need to be simplified and practically invisible with as few “moving parts” as possible. However, today, most DeFi applications are gibberish to the average person. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, Uniglo has decided to handle just one task and to make it so simple anyone can do it. That provides users with a super-simple way to invest in a diversified portfolio for the long term. 

Uniglo (GLO) — a hodler’s dream

Uniglo DAO is focused squarely on one single market. That is, long-term investors who wish to hold a diversified portfolio of assets. As an individual investor, it’s a ton of work to put together a proper investment portfolio, and the results are usually sub-par. Trying to do this on a platform like SushiSwap (which runs on Avalanche now), or on (Cronos blockchain) would be futile. 

The idea is that the Uniglo community works together to assemble a massive treasure chest containing a wide array of digital assets — not just crypto but also investment-grade NFTs and anything that can be tokenized, such as gold, real estate, fine art, and rarities. All holders of GLO get to vote on how the treasury is invested when to take profits, when to reallocate assets, and when to buy back and burn GLO tokens.  

GLO tokenomics are specially engineered to benefit early investors and long-term holders while turning off speculators and paper hands. They do this by charging a 5% royalty to both buyers and sellers. It’s the price you pay, essentially, to be part of the project. 

These royalties are raked into a common treasury which is used for investing. This means that money is constantly flowing into the treasury. Better yet, it never flows out of the treasury. At some point, the treasury will be bigger than the market cap of the token. At that point, GLO will be 100% backed by assets. This won’t take long. 

This also practically eliminates the volatility and risk that most cryptocurrencies suffer. The treasury will be growing in good times and bad. In fact, the more volatility in the market, the faster the treasury grows. 

The thing is, all you have to do to own a piece of the Uniglo trove is buy and hold GLO. That’s it. It’s this kind of simplicity that platforms built on Avalanche and Cronos will need to achieve if these ecosystems want to see mass adoption. 

On the other hand, Uniglo has a real shot at being the first DeFi token to hit the mainstream. If this happens, as we believe it will, ICO investors will be telling their grandkids how they bought GLO when it was just $0.0145. You can get in on the ICO at the website. The platform launches in mid-October. 

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