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Trump Org Threatens To Sue Mark Pomerantz For Upcoming Book

Former President Donald Trump is threatening to sue Mark Pomerantz for his book chronicling the Manhattan District Attorneys’ Office investigation of him, reporter Molly Crane-Newman tweeted Monday. Pomerantz served as a special assistant district attorney in the Manhattan DA’s office on the Trump probe, and resigned in protest last February after new DA Alvin Bragg declined to pursue an indictment. Now, “The People vs Donald Trump” is scheduled to release in February and is expected to include details about the financial crimes Pomerantz alleges Trump committed.

A lawyer from Tacopina, Seigel &Deoreo representing Trump and the Trump Organization has warned Pomerantz not to publish the book and promised to “punish” him and publisher Simon & Schuster for their defamation if they do. In a letter, they allege that Pomerantz wrote the book “with secret, non-public information” only available to him as a special assistant.

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