Top NFTs funded by casinos

There’s no chance you haven’t heard of NFTs until now. Last year, the crypto and NFT market skyrocketed, and now with the birth of Metaverse, everything we knew so far will be completely reinvented. 

How can NFTs be used in the online gambling industry?

The gambling industry is valued at billions of dollars and grows unstoppably yearly. To keep its relevance and engagement, competitors must stay updated on all new technologies and trends, and that’s where NFTs start to mend. So, if last year we were bombarded with NFTs novelties, this year we may have to get on the same wagon with the latest innovations. 

Online casinos introduce NFTs

If you don’t know, NFTs are one-of-a-kind virtual assets that can be used as rewards or game tokens. The interesting part of NFTs is that you can trade them only in decentralised exchanges, so your gambling experience can take a whole new turn. The central aspect which makes NFTs so likeable is their uniqueness.

Therefore, the newest tendency of gambling platforms is to implement Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as reward systems. Therefore, we compiled a list of the NFT-casino projects worth keeping an eye on. 

Slotie NFT

Released in December 2021 by Elia Software, Slotie is an ETH-based non-fungible token that enables owners to enter the most substantial network on the blockchain market, Defi Gambling. This NFT is aimed to be used on fast-growing online sites in the gambling industry, which include slot games and where players can use crypto payments.

With just 10000 holders, Slotie generates an 80% commission from all earnings from any Slotie-based casino game winnings. 

How does Slotie ensure passive income to its users?

The holder of Slotie NFT has the chance of becoming “the house” in more than 150 casinos by simply subsuming such NFTs into online slot games. When the NFT wins the game, the owner receives a complete refund. Also, the Slotie community of members receives monthly passive income.

How much is one Slotie worth?

As for now, the acquisition of Sloties is closed. However, on the day of its release, Slotie NFTs were sold in two distinct sales: a private sale (presale of 2500 NFTs) and a public one (a remaining 7000 NFTs). To qualify for a presale, buyers had to submit some conditions on a private Discord channel. 

During the presale, the value of one Slotie was 0.08 ETH, with one buyer being allowed to buy a maximum of 10 Sloties. On the public auction, one Slotie was worth double the price – 0.16 ETH, with a limit of 10 Sloties per user, as well. 

Other benefits for Sloties holders 

  • If the holder is a VIP member, they are entitled to casino cashback of up to 20% based on how rare their NFT is;
  • Slotie owners can participate in weekly lotteries, where they can win cash, other NFTs, watts, or even free spins. 
  • Slotie holders can breed their NFTs and create new NFTs series called Junior Sloties. 

Gambling Apes 

Launched in September 2021, Gambling Apes was founded by two entrepreneurs, Noah Fischer and Marcel Schwarz. Gambling Apes are also created on the blockchain, and these NFTs are part of a collection of 7777 individual apes. Apart from the benefits which attracted many owners, Gambling Apes outshined through their great colour options – from very vibrant and vivid colours to a more toned and grayscale palette that can suit anyone’s taste. 

How much was the selling value of Gambling Apes?

When Gambling Apes was released, the value point of each NFT was 0.07 ETH, and they were sold out in seven minutes.

What do owners get from owning this NFT?

The holder of a Gambling Apes has multiple benefits that increase their fortune progressively. The primary use of owning such NFTs is the opportunity of playing casino games at the future up-coming casino. Owners will receive a share monthly, a fair share of the casino’s revenue. They will be able to play classic online casino games such as Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack. Also, the Gambling Apes community members will obtain exclusive access to special events and other tournaments. 

More insight on the future casino

On 20th September 2021, Gambling Apes purchased 14 parcels of Decentraland, a virtual world where members own actual land. Currently, the team is still working on designing the casino where members will also be able to participate in sports betting events, apart from the typical casino games. After its release, players will be able to play poker and Baccarat, as well. 

How much will owners earn?

When the Gambling Apes Casino is officially released, the following earning structure will apply: 

  • 10% of revenue for all big wins;
  • 20% for promotion wallet;
  • 70% profit stake for all owners. 


Released in November 2021, Sherbet was launched on the Ethereum blockchain and has been on the radar in the NFT community as it offers 7777 distinctive NFTs. These NFTs are vividly coloured with a unique design. As a Sherbet owner, you can access VIP status on the official Sherbet website. It was the cheapest NFT, starting from 0.17 ETH, and sold out in less than eight minutes.

How can you use Sherbet NFT?

Sherbet was in the process of building a casino which launched in May 2022, but unlike the Gambling Apes classic online casino, Sherbet is launching a new concept of player vs. player casino where Sherbet owners can play against their friends or others. As a VIP member, you’ll get discounts and unlock special features. Also, this casino will use its own token, $BET. 

What you’ll earn as a Sherbet NFT owner?

If you get a hold of this NFT, you won’t be considered a casino co-owner. You’ll get the chance to play against your friends and cash out your $BET tokens, but the value of your earned tokens depends on the popularity of the casino.

NFTs are the future of online gambling

Overall, this new technology offers an investment opportunity for any gambler. NFTs are bringing something innovative and creative to the market, combining both art and lucrative business.  

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