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Threats of Rape, Mass Killings Spike Dramatically Among ‘Incels’


A report by the Quant Lab from the Center for Countering Digital Hate examining more than 1 million posts in an online forum, found that men who consider themselves involuntarily celibate or “incels” have become significantly more radicalized over the past year and a half, with conversations about mass murder and growing approval of sexually assaulting prepubescent girls rising dramatically, reports the Washington Post.  Incel ideology, which blames women for their failings in life, has been linked to dozens of murders and assaults over the past decade, writes the Post’s Taylor Lorenz

 The report also says that platforms including YouTube and Google, as well as internet infrastructure companies like Cloudflare, are facilitating the growth of the forum, which is visited by 2.6 million people every month.

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