The year of the crypto blowup


Our five most downloaded crypto podcasts this year include an inside look at the Mirror Trading International (MTI) scam with author Sean Newman; an update on the arrest in Brazil of MTI founder Johann Steynberg; an interview with crypto ‘rock star’ Andre Cronje, who pioneered yield farming in the emerging decentralised finance (DeFi) space; a look at how cryptos are being used to repurpose an old Sol Kerzner hotel into a world-class film studio in the Eastern Cape; and a look at the meltdown in cryptos that occupied headlines in 2022.

Listen to Moneyweb’s top five Crypto Pod episodes for 2022 below:

A look inside the murky world of Mirror Trading International

Meet Andre Cronje, crypto yield farmer extraordinaire

Johann Steynberg holds the key to MTI’s bitcoin

If this is crypto’s 2008 meltdown moment, what comes next?

How cryptos are helping to repurpose an old Sol Kerzner resort as a world-class film studio

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