The Next Big Thing in Gaming? Undercity is a Gaming Village That is a Gateway Into the Metaverse


The video game industry is one that has been on a ceaseless upward trend since it really took off with the public in the 80s and 90s. From being the interest of only those with interest in technology to becoming dominant with even the elderly, video games are becoming the next big form of entertainment, if it isn’t already. 

Now the industry stands on the cusp of going through a massive revolution once more, this time coming in the form of the metaverse and virtual experiences. The world in general has slowly been trending towards this virtual aspect of socializing and video games can offer a fun – and even remunerative – way of doing this. 

Undercity is proving to be the pioneer in this new revolution. The project combines the best of the real-world with that of the metaverse, giving gamers everything they need to have a fund and memorable experience.

Undercity bridges the real world and the metaverse.

The metaverse is all about social experiences and so is gaming. Many gamers like playing competitively and cooperatively, and often in the same room. To that end, Undercity is building both a real world space that is 10,000 square meters large and a metaverse called the “Underverse” where they can interact.

The real-world location, which is in France and is dubbed a gaming village, is just as significant as the metaverse. In it, players will find gaming rooms, streaming rooms, accommodation in the form of Nordic chalets, a bar and restaurant – in short, everything they need to have a fully fledged gaming-focused social experience. 

Undercity is also a technology project, not just a gaming experience in the real world. To that end, the team is developing the aforementioned metaverse, a first-person role playing shooter game, and an NFT marketplace.

All of this will be powered by the UNDER token, which will power the virtual experiences but also be used for payment in the Undercity gaming village.

Giving Gamers a Hub Where They Can Work, Play and Earn

It’s clear at this point that Undercity is focused on giving gamers their favorite things but in a far more potent manner. There are games they can play and earn, there is a social space with all of the equipment they need, and there are both competitive and cooperative experiences.

In other words, Undercity gives players a space where they can work, play and earn. Players can engage in the PvE and PvP experiences, such as a battle royale, to earn NFTs and tokens, which can then be used elsewhere in the ecosystem. There will be quests and a leveling system as well. Other features worth noting are staking and token swapping.

Perhaps most compelling is the fact that players can sell weapons, armor and other in-game items on the NFT marketplace. This allows them to earn from their gaming skills through something that they enjoy doing. The games are accessible but challenging at the same time.

The team has said that the game will be modeled after hit games like CS:GO and Call of Duty, with high production value in terms of graphics and gameplay mechanics. As such, even if you can’t make it to the Undercity gaming village in France, you can also participate via the Underverse.

Players can use the UNDER token to make purchases in the metaverse as well as in the gaming village. This includes paying for accommodation, bills in the bar and restaurant, and renting hardware with the UNDER token. It will be easy to get started earning the token as there are several gaming experiences. It is theoretically possible for one’s entire stay in the gaming village through skill in the gaming metaverse.

Undercity will host its presale in February 2023. There will be a total of 57 million UNDER tokens available for purchase, with each token costing 0.35 USDT. The minimum investment is 50 USDT. There will be 5 stages in the presale, where the token becomes increasingly expensive – so investors should get in as early as possible to get the best deal. 

Undercity’s Gaming Village Could Set a Trend

By this point, there’s no doubt that the future of entertainment will be driven by the metaverse. Of course, that doesn’t mean gaming won’t have an in-real-life social feel too – that’s a big part of gaming too. This is why Undercity is brimming with potential.

By offering both experiences, Undercity can establish a new trend in gaming, allowing gamers to meet each other and enjoy their favorite hobbies together, but also allowing them to connect over a distance. It’s the start of a new type of entertainment and one that everyone should keep an eye on.

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