The Future Of Twitter Under Elon Musk


It’s fair to say that when Elon Musk, the wealthiest man on the planet, was linked with a leveraged takeover of Twitter initially, it caught many people off guard. And while it appeared as though the deal was on one minute and off the next, the man behind Tesla finally got everything over the line, and Musk is already beginning to make his presence felt.

One thing you can say about Musk is he’s certainly not a man who stands on ceremony. He wants to do things his way, on his terms and in a fashion that aligns with his vision, regardless of who this upsets along the way. And, as we have seen already, there have been multiple exoduses of sorts, with some top brands and companies stepping away from Twitter due to the direction in which Musk wants the platform to go in from here on in.

The key take-home from Musk’s first few days in control of Twitter is that he feels it is losing too much money as a business, and some companies stepping away from the platform hasn’t helped with this either. So, he’s set about correcting this in a couple of ways, one being the introduction of Twitter Blue, where regular people can pay a subscription fee for perks such as a blue tick. And the other is to approach other global brands, perhaps in the gaming sector, as these companies are always in search of new marketing opportunities. Renowned brands like Partycasino, would no doubt seriously consider the chance to promote their brand and can be a great way of helping boost Twitter’s revenue streams. 

It’s always going to be tough going when you have a disrupter like Musk take control of a platform like Twitter that has been run in the same way it has been for years, especially when you consider how headstrong he is and his feelings surrounding matters such as free speech. It’s naturally led to a lot of upheaval, with reports suggesting that many staff have either been fired already or chosen to leave the company, with Musk looking to usher in a new era where you are either with him or you’re out.

But, even though the future of the leading social media platform is very much up in the air and unclear, with some not holding out much hope for the future, Musk does have a proven track record in terms of his exploits in the business world. And that should provide those airing on the side of caution with some solace that he could very well turn this around and making Twitter bigger, better and more accessible, and crucially, enjoyable, than it ever has been before.

As always, the proof will be in the pudding. It’s ok to talk a big game and say we’re going to do this and that, but without action, it’s just words. Some will say that Twitter was fine as it was before, while others will be keen on change. It’s now over to Musk and those who are still with him, and those who will inevitably join him, to deliver the changes that people want and need and not let this become a billionaire’s plaything that ends up permanently broken and beyond repair.

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