Terra Ecosystem Can be Revived by Just Doing Nothing to the Project-Do Kwon!

Terra developers have been constantly at work, just reviving the ecosystem, which may further impact the value of the native tokens. A few days ago, the developers suggested new ways to recreate the entire ecosystem. As per them, the next plan of action, called the ‘Terra Expedition’ focuses on the developer mining program & developer alignment program. This is an updated version of the initial programs, which were launched during the commencement of the Terra Network. 

However, Do-Kwon, who continues to abscond and is wanted by the authorities for arrest on fraud charges, put forth his opinion on the plan. He himself replied to the proposal and urged the community to think of a better alternative. Interestingly, the founder also believes doing nothing may also help in reviving the ecosystem.

The founder replied in a forum that the expedition was ‘poor spend’. He further mentioned multiple reasons for his take and also offered solutions on what could be done other than the plan suggested by the developers.

“This is just to give an idea to explore some better avenues where the resources of the community pool can be spent. Ideas discussed here are early and may not be successful. Of, course, I think a perfectly acceptable option is to do nothing at all,” 

The original proposal suggested that 9.5% of the entire LUNA supply would be redistributed based on TVL, which would have impacted a few protocols that would in turn revive the Terra ecosystem at the earliest. 

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