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Sweepwizard App Exposed Thousands Of Confidential Police Documents 


A misconfiguration within the ODIN Intelligence app Sweepwizard, used across the country to help manage multi-agency raids, has exposed thousands of confidential documents from hundreds of police raids across the years, including personal identifying information about officers and suspects and even, in more than 1,000 cases, suspect social security numbers. The potentially massive security flaw was discovered by investigators at WIRED.

While LAPD were unaware of the leak before reporters contacted them, Captain Jeffery Bratcher, commanding officer of the LAPD Juvenile Division, told WIRED that the department is taking the matter seriously. “Operational security is always paramount to us. We don’t want people to know when and if we are coming,” Bratcher said. The LAPD has suspended use of SweepWizard pending investigation of the leak and ODIN has taken down the app and begun their own investigation, Dhruv Mehrotra reports.

“ODIN Intelligence Inc. takes security very seriously.  We have and are thoroughly investigating these claims,” ODIN Ceo Erik McCauley told WIRED. “Thus far, we have been unable to reproduce the alleged security compromise to any ODIN system. In the event that any evidence of a compromise of ODIN or SweepWizard security has occurred, we will take appropriate action.”

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