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Supreme Court Leak Investigation: No Findings, No Justice Interviews?


The Supreme Court’s internal eight-month investigation into the leak of the court’s opinion overturning Roe v Wade has so far failed to identify a leaker, Mark Sherman and Jessica Gresko report for the Associated Press. While investigators interviewed more than 120 people and 97 employees swore under oath that they did not disclose Justice Alito’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization draft, it does not appear that the justices themselves were interviewed about the leak, but the investigation has not fully closed yet. The report on the investigation is publicly available

In a post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump called for the journalists who reported on the leak of the draft Roe reversal to be jailed if they don’t reveal their source. The leaked opinion was reported on by Politico in May by reporters Josh Gerstein and Alexander Ward.

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