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South Carolina Initiates Sweeping Law Enforcement Reform


South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has signed a sweeping law enforcement reform law that creates new standards for training, conduct and accreditation of its law enforcement, reports The State. The law, which went into effect July 1, requires that all law enforcement agencies in South Carolina become accredited or meet equivalent minimum standards. At present, just 51 of the 335 agencies in the state are fully accredited.

In addition, the law requires officers to intervene if they see another officer physically abusing another person and puts new limits on old practices like chokeholds and the kind of work an officer can do before completing academy training. The new legislation also charges the Law Enforcement Training Council — a supervisory body consisting of the state attorney general, the SLED chief, and the heads of nine law enforcement agencies — with creating minimum standards across nine key areas. These include use of force, no-knock warrants, vehicle pursuits and investigating complaints against officers.

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