Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Looks More Promising as Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin (BTC) Maintain a Bullish Trend


As 2023 gets underway, now is the time to decide on which crypto project to invest in. While Solana and Bitcoin seem like good investments, a new performer is in the game, Snowfall Protocol. Market experts say the Snowfall Protocol looks more promising than Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Why Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin (BTC) are promising investments in 2023

The Solana (SOL) network is one of the world’s fastest and most cost-effective Layer-1 networks. Many people believe that Solana (SOL) has reached its lowest, even though the token has sustained significant damage due to the fall of FTX. In the big picture, things are turning around for Solana (SOL).

Once Firedancer is implemented, it is anticipated that its already great rates of 65,000 transactions per second (TPS) will see a further rise. Firedancer is a brand new validator client that Jump Crypto developed. It has been demonstrated in testing that it is capable of speeds of up to 600,000 TPS. This year, Solana (SOL) will also release its Saga smartphone, which is one of the first mobile devices in the world that is compatible with Web3.

Similarly, Bitcoin is undisputedly the most popular cryptocurrency, which has given it an edge over other coins in the market. After the hit suffered by the crypto giant during the FTX crash, it is gradually rising again, just like it has always done. This makes investors believe more in it.

Both Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin are compartmentalized inside their respective silos (BTC). Despite having a lot of potential, Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin (BTC) both have limitations as we move closer to a future with several chains.

Both projects have generated a great deal of excitement, bringing to light that their respective development potentials could be better than those of the other.

Why Snowfall is a more promising investment in 2023

Snowfall Protocol (SNW), which allows users to transfer data from one blockchain to another, is revolutionizing how things work in the crypto industry. It is an interoperability solution that aims to make transfers between EVM and non-EVM chains as easy as possible.

Since there are numerous smart contract-enabled chains, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) saw a need for a simple bridge that let users transfer their digital assets without problems. Now, they can transfer data from one blockchain to another whenever required. As such, continue using their preferred chain to reap the primary benefits of other blockchains if they use the Snowfall Protocol (SNW). This is unlike the existing interoperability solutions, which are constrained in the tokens they support and have poor accessibility.

Wrap up

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has successfully raised more than $3 million after investors had completely purchased each step of its presale. Throughout this process, the cost of Snowfall Protocol’s native token has skyrocketed dramatically, increasing from $0.005 in the first phase of the presale to $0.191 in the phase currently taking place. That is already a 3450% increase, looking very promising.

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