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Over the past two weeks, Shiba Inu has recorded increases of more than 5%. Analysts say that despite ongoing increases in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, holders should exercise caution right now.

Holders of Shiba Inu anticipated a significant increase in the meme coin as demand for the governance token BONE peaked. However, the price of Shiba Inu decreased because of a general market downturn.

The current supply of BONE was restricted to more than 230 million, and minting was formally stopped. Shiba Inu price has not increased despite the widespread use of BONE and its growing utility.

Shibarium, a forthcoming layer-2 solution, needs 20 million BONE to run the protocol. For their efforts in performing assigned duties within the ecosystem and the blockchain, delegators will receive BONE as compensation.

SHIBA INU’s Ecosystem Blooms

Furthermore, as part of the growth of the SHIB ecosystem, Shiba Inu’s forthcoming incentive token TREAT will join the ecosystem. Shiba Inu project head Shytoshi Kusama made a statement on TREAT and claimed that the token is being quietly created since the team did not want to hasten the entry of another cryptocurrency into the ecosystem before it has a use case.

Shiba Inu shows bearish signals. Shib next barrier is at $0.00001323, while the meme coin is now trading at $0.00001279. If Shiba Inu is unable to maintain its price over $0.00001279,

Shiba Inu is kept in wallets longer than Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to a new Coinbase analysis. This could indicate that traders are positive and want to hold SHIB for a long time or that the lack of volatility in the meme coin leads to a longer time period of holding.

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