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Schenck Testifies ‘Operation High Court’ Pushed Ethics Boundaries, Compromised Supreme Court


Rev. Rob Schenck testified during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday that, during his time as a leader at evangelical nonprofit Faith and Action, he offered prayers, meals, travels and “warm personal greetings,” to conservative-leaning Supreme Court justices to sway policy, Sarah McCammon reports for NPR. “I believe we pushed the boundaries of Christian ethics and compromised the high court’s promise to administer equal justice,” Schenck said during his testimony. 


Schenck described an intentional movement to influence Supreme Court justices he participated in called ‘Operation High Court,’ focused on attempting to assure conservative outcomes on issues including abortion and same-sex marriage. “In one instance, Justice [Clarence] Thomas commended me, saying something like, ‘Keep up what you’re doing; it’s making a difference,” Schenck told the House committee. This new testimony comes after Schenck claimed in a letter to Justice Roberts and a New York Times interview over the summer that a donor to his organization secured a leak of the decision on the religious liberty case, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, months before it was publicly decided in 2014.

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