Sandton Central’s urban evolution into the 15-minute neighbourhood


The last three years have caused a massive shift in how we view the spaces people occupy, from offices to public areas. According to Elaine Jack, District Improvement Manager of Sandton Central Management District, this means good quality facilities are still something many buyers and tenants take into consideration. “The global ‘15 minute neighbourhood’ trend is already a reality in Sandton Central. As people look to better integrate and balance their personal and professional lives – safety, convenience, health, and wellness matter more than ever before,” she explains.

With high-quality, conveniently located space coming at a premium, the amenities surrounding these spaces are critical for more comfortable city living. “Office spaces have had to become adaptable and flexible to various uses. People will always need office space to collaborate and innovate, and leading companies now know they must use space creatively to accommodate the hybrid working environment. The same paradigm applies beyond offices and into surrounding neighbourhoods” says Jack.

It’s not just office spaces that are evolving – cities and city centres are reinventing themselves too. “Sandton Central continues to pay thoughtful attention to what makes a city both liveable and enjoyable. Convenience and a healthier lifestyle are crucial, as is safety, and access to various transport options. With 240 public space CCTV cameras in the district and a team of capable and responsive public safety ambassadors, Sandton Central prioritises safety as a community,” she adds.

Jack says this sense of community is carried through to the improvement and expansion of transport systems. “We are looking into viable solutions for keeping traffic lights working during power outages and the design of the M1 and Grayston interchange so that it functions more efficiently as a gateway to Sandton,” she notes.

“Cities are sites of creativity, community, and collaboration. They remain cornerstones of economic and social flourishing, making it vital that their design and function inspire people and businesses,” says Jack.

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