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Russian Supreme Court Reaffirms Five-Year Sentence For Teen in Minecraft ‘Digital Terrorism’ Case


Russia’s High Court has upheld a five year sentence for Nikita Uvarov, a 16-year-old teen accused of “plotting” to virtually blow up a digital recreation of a Russian federal building in the game Minecraft when he was just 14 years old, Dan-Ladden Hall reports for the Daily Beast. Uvarov and two other children put up digital flyers with information about political prisoners detained at the real-world FSB building in Kansk, Russia.
Uvarov told the court (as reported by SOTA Vision via Telegram) that he is not a danger to society. “I think five years in prison is too cruel,” Uvarov said. “I repented, corrected myself and no longer plan to come into the view of the authorities and break the law.”

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