Roger Baxter to step down as CEO of the Minerals Council SA

Minerals Council of South Africa (MCSA) CEO Roger Baxter says he will not return to leading the industry body when his contract comes to an end in April 2023, after almost nine years in a leadership role.

In a statement issued by the council on Monday, Baxter says he believes now is the time for him to hand over the ropes to new leadership that will take the industry to the next level. Baxter did not however, swear off the industry, saying that he plans to return and work in the industry in future.

“It’s been a real privilege to have been afforded the opportunity to lead the Minerals Council through a remarkable period of change.”

“I have been blessed with capable and dedicated Minerals Council colleagues and fantastic office bearers who have given generously of their time and their advice to make sure I could do my best for our industry. We, as the Minerals Council, could not have achieved as much as we have without them,” Baxter says.

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Baxter’s leadership according to the MCSA will be marked by many successes, such as the election of the council’s first female president, a successful industry vaccination programme, the fight against state capture and unethical leadership as well as leading the mining sector to record its safest year ever in 2019, among other achievements.

“Roger has led the organisation for nine years through momentous changes and challenging times, playing a key leadership role at the Minerals Council during this period of positive and transformative change,” President of the council Nolitha Fakude says.

“He has been an exemplary leader and CEO of the Minerals Council and he has worked tirelessly to promote and position the mining industry and the country for transformative growth and to #MakingMiningMatter.”

Baxter has extensive industry experience, having joined the then-Chamber of Mines in 1992 and further contributing to the chamber as a chief economist in the 2000s, after which he joined multinational mining company Rio Tinto for a year in 2011. In 2012, Baxter was appointed by the chamber as a senior executive and then COO in 2014 and eventually CEO in 2015.

“While there is still much more work that needs to be done on several fronts, there is no doubt that a solid foundation has been laid by the Minerals Council and good progress has been made in several areas,” Fakude says.

“Under Roger’s leadership, the Minerals Council has become a real force to be reckoned with. We can collectively be immensely proud of the journey and successes achieved by the Minerals Council over the past nine years and the emergence of the Minerals Council as one of the most effective and respected business advocacy organisations in South Africa,” she adds.

The MCSA says its office bearers have begun a process to appoint a new CEO designate who will support Baxter with his transition out of the role.

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