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Queensland Shooters Online Posts: ‘I Am An Extremist’

Gareth Train, one of the people at the center of a deadly police standoff in Queensland, Australia, that ended with six dead between suspects, neighbors and responding officers, maintained an online presence marked by paranoia, Christian conspiracy, sovereign citizenship and a fixation on police and intelligence agencies, Matt Dennien reports for the Brisbane Times. In one video, Gareth self-identified as an extremist, a “barbarian” and a “savage.” In another video of Gareth and Stacey Train, seemingly posted during the standoff, Gareth claims the killings were in self-defense: “They came to kill us, and we killed them.”

The attack targeted law enforcement, and two officers were killed while carrying out a welfare check on one of the shooters, Nathaniel Train. Train, his brother Gareth, and Stacey Train, Gareth’s wife and Nathaniel’s ex-wife, were all killed after a long standoff at their residence that resulted in the death of two officers and a neighbor. Constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold, who were killed in what has been described as a ‘execution-style’ ambush, will be honored in a memorial on Dec 21.

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