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Proud Boys Memo Reveals Group’s Militaristic Structure, Preparations for Violence

A 23-page memo distributed by the Proud Boys through Telegram lists sections on “objectives” and “rules of engagement” and carries an “addendum” that provides recommendations for hotels and parking, offering rare insight into the meticulous planning that goes into events staged by the far-right organization, The Guardian reports. The purpose of the document is to provide a “strategic security plan” and call to action, summoning Proud Boys members to a pro-Trump MAGA march that was scheduled for New York City on 10 January 2021.

The author of the document is Randy Ireland, who, as president of the group’s New York branch, the Hell’s Gate Bridge Chapter, is one of the most prominent Proud Boys in the US north-east. The language in the planning paper is overtly militaristic, designating 60 or so Proud Boys at the 10 January event in Manhattan to be corralled into seven “tactical teams” of five to eight men each. Proud Boys membership is structured into four ranks, known as “degrees,” the fourth granted once you “get arrested or get in a serious violent fight for the cause.” The document falls into arguably the main ambition of the Proud Boys: the normalization of political violence.

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