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Proud Boy Member Becomes First in Group to Plead Guilty to Seditious Conspiracy

Jeremy Bertino, a North Carolina resident and member of the Proud Boys, is the first of the group on trial for their roles in the Capitol riot to plead guilty to seditious conspiracy, facing a maximum of 20 years in prison for charge, reports Jan Wolfe for the Wall Street Journal. Bertino, whose sentence will likely be reduced given his cooperation with the government and other factors considered under federal sentencing guidelines, admitted to conspiring with Proud Boys leaders to “oppose by force the authority of the Government of the United States and to delay by force the execution of the laws governing the transfer of power.”

Bertino’s cooperation with the government’s ongoing investigation makes him a potential witness in the pending trial of five other members of the Proud Boys, including the group’s former chairman Enrique Tarrio, who have pleaded not guilty to the same charges. He also pleaded guilty to a gun charge stemming from a search of his home in March.

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