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Proposed Missouri Hazing Law Promises Immunity to 911 Callers


A new bill has been filed in Missouri aimed at protecting the victims of hazing, Emily Manley reports for Fox 2 Now. The bill, nicknamed ‘Danny’s Law,’ follows a tragic incident in 2021 where 19-year-old Danny Santulli was pressured to drink an entire liter of vodka as part of a Phi Gamma Delta fraternity party at the University of Missouri. Santulli sustained significant brain damage and lost his sight and his ability to walk and communicate.  

When the situation turned deadly, prosecutors allege that no one called 911 despite seeing him in distress. After Santulli’s skin went white and his lips turned blue, fraternity brothers decided to drive him to the hospital themselves. By the time hospital staff reached him, his heart had stopped. Hazing is already a felony in Missouri, but now, ‘Danny’s Law’ hopes to safeguard the lives of hazing victims by promising immunity to people who intervene to provide medical aid or are the first to call 911. 

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