Polkadot Cools Off As BudBlockz Presale Opens Phase Two With a Bang


As it nears its first year of full operation, blockchain interoperability champion Polkadot (DOT) has continued to slide despite a bevy of enhancements to its network and a continued surge of activity among developers on its platform. Meanwhile, investors have been increasingly attracted to an even newer token with its feet planted firmly in the brick-and-mortar world. BudBlockz (BLUNT) recently opened the second phase of its presale amid continued interest in its savvy take on the retail cannabis market.

Although it has been around since 2020, Polkadot only deployed its first parachains—the project-specific blockchains that have become its defining structural feature—in December 2021. Since then, parachains such as Moonbeam and Polkadot’s own DeFi hub Acala have proven themselves to be popular development environments, but the price of DOT itself has followed the wider market downward. Even Polkadot’s recent announcement that it would invest in technologies designed to make transactions on its network faster and less expensive has been met with applause and a new surge of developer activity without seeming to help DOT break resistance.

While the market seems to be waiting for Polkadot to show more practical results from its recent spate of investment and innovation, the money keeps flowing to BudBlockz. BLUNT has benefited from its own recent spate of good news, including the official announcements of its NFT line, Ganja Guruz, and the BudBlockz Arcade, a P2E initiative that recalls classic console games. 

BudBlockz entry into the P2E space was unexpected—until that point, the platform had posited NFTs as an asset-backed class designed to facilitate the purchase of marginal shares in real-world cannabis growers, processors, and retailers. Analysts appear to have been impressed by BudBlockz’ initiative agility as they pivoted to capture a share of one of the hottest crypto niches without diverting resources or development time from their core roadmap. 

Investors have supported this bullish view throughout BLUNT’s presale. On the heels of a private sale that sold out early, BLUNT rewarded early investors with an immediate 40% gain. It just wrapped up a hugely successful Stage 1 of its presale, and has appreciated more than 20.5% in the early days of Stage 2. BLUNT is scheduled to launch on Uniswap in December, giving one of the market’s hottest new tokens plenty of room to run.

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