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Police Chief in Iowa Indicted for Unlawfully Obtaining, Possessing Machine Guns


Bradley Wendt, Chief of Police in Adair, Iowa, allegedly used his position as police chief to obtain 10 machine guns, which he said were for the duties of his department. However, according to a Department of Justice release, he is accused of reselling the weapons for a hefty profit. Wendt’s friend, Robert Williams, who operates Williams Contracting LLC, a federal firearms licensee, allegedly provided fraudulent documentation from Wendt showing the Adair Police Department wanted a demonstration of each machine gun for potential future purchase by the Adair Police Department.

Over 4 years, Wendt displayed or purchased roughly 90 machine guns for the Adair Police Department, which serves a town of fewer than 800 people. Both men are charged with conspiracy to make false statements and defraud the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). If convicted, Wendt faces a maximum imprisonment of 10 years. Williams faces a maximum imprisonment of 5 years.

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