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NYPD Losing Officers Over Low Pay, Cost of Living


Despite a broader trend in police staffing shortages, the NYPD has been pinched by low recruitment, officer resignations and retirements, and officers being lured to other departments. For the New York Today newsletter, James Barron of the New York Times spoke with fellow colleague Chelsia Rose Marcius who detailed the NYPD’s difficulties.

Including retirees, 3,200 officers left the NYPD this year, 1,225 of which resigned before reaching their fifth year of service. According to Marcius, both figures are the largest departures since at least 2002. Since officers began patrolling the subway, workloads have been further stretched, but salaries and living costs don’t match other departments. Marcius pointed to one example of a Colorado department luring NYPD officers for its living costs appeal.


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