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NYPD Can No Longer Search for Warrants Without Suspicion of Crime


The NYPD can no longer detain people to check for warrants if they have no reason to believe a crime was committed or suspect a crime was imminent, under a new settlement the challenged policing tactics similar to unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policies filed in Manhattan federal court, Chelsia Rose Marcius reports for the New York Times.

Once a stop is resolved, the person must be let go, and the settlement decision bars officers from asking questions on matters unrelated to the stop. Before the settlement, officers would hold people as they checked digital databases for warrants, even if irrelevant to the case or if they did not suspect a crime occurred. The city admitted no liability as part of the settlement, but paid $454,000 in damages and agreed to train all officers in new policy changes by the end of Jan 2023.

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