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NYC Mayor Condemns Actions Of Suspended NYPD Officer Who Punched Teen Outside Middle School


New York Mayor Eric Adams told reporters he was “not happy” with video he saw this week of an NYPD officer intervening in a physical fight between children nearby Edwin Markham Middle School in Staten Island. Video widely shared online captured an officer repeatedly punching a teenager in the head during an attempted arrest, while others call out and try to intervene. “A young girl was being jumped by two other children and the police intervened,” Adams said, adding that he was “not pleased by what [he] saw on the video.” 

Adams, who formerly served on the NYPD, pointed to body cameras as an important tool for investigating bad behavior among police officers and said the body cam footage of the officers involved will be reviewed. The officer seen in the videos has been suspended while NYPD Internal Affairs investigates. 

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