Nigerian flooding kills 603, displaces 1.3m others

Widespread flooding in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has claimed 603 lives and displaced 1.3 million people.

The floods have submerged 108 392 hectares of farmland and damaged 82 053 houses, according to the humanitarian affairs ministry said on Twitter.

Of the West African nation’s 36 states, 32 will be affected by the flooding, which is expected to get worse in the coming weeks, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency said. The federal government asked the regions to evacuate people and provide relief including tents, medical supplies and fresh water.

States including Anambra, Delta, Cross River, Rivers, and Bayelsa are still at risk of experiencing floods until the end of November, the ministry said. About 75 people drowned in Anambra state when their boat capsized as they attempted to escape the floodwaters, the government confirmed last week.

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