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New Jersey Lawmakers Hope to Build Nation’s ‘Toughest Gun Laws’

New Jersey Assemblywoman Mila Jasey announced that she and other democrats hope to make their state “the home of the toughest gun laws in the country,” after unveiling a package of legislation to tighten further the already strict ones they have, reports Mark Eichmann for WHYY/PBS.

The bill would require more comprehensive background checks before a gun permit is issued and bans weapons from being carried in government buildings, sports arenas, and bars. It would also create a vetting process for those who apply for a concealed-carry permit, increasing the number of non-family references required to vouch for the applicant’s character and temperament, and require those with concealed-carry permits to take gun safety training, including a gun range qualification. Handgun owners must also carry insurance to “ensure victims of an accidental discharge are appropriately compensated and protected.”

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