New DeFi Protocol DEFED launches, and starts the IFO

DEFED is a Web 3.0 super account that combines saving, borrowing and transfer with ETH address based messages.

In the current market, a large number of DeFi users have to keep ETH in their accounts at all times as gas for interaction, which creates a huge potential waste. DEFED wants to give financial value to these assets in a simple way, so that they can help their holders earn interest income. It is reported that this can be done without a threshold, just imagine making money all while you sleep.

From the latest news, DEFED released ver 1.0 and launched the IFO (Initial Fair-launch Offering) at 00:00 UTC on September 28th. Their product main focus is on convenient and efficient financial services, allowing users to earn interest from their idle assets with low barriers.

DEFED offers an efficient transfer service at low cost, while ensuring that users can complete payments without additional operations such as withdraw. In response to the problem of high communication costs for crypto transfers, DEFED provides a message service based on Ether address to help users confirm various aspects of the transfer, reducing communication costs and actual expenses.

With the development of DeFi and Web 3.0, it’s evident that invisible costs have become increasingly high, whether it is the opportunity cost of idle assets or the additional communication cost when transferring money. While the original purpose of blockchain technology is supposed to initiate intermediate steps to reduce the cost, meaning the current booming industry development essentially ignores the original purpose of blockchain technology.

By acknowledging this issue, DEFED provides an innovative and comprehensive solution with the go-to infrastructure for users to access and use on Web 3.0. You can pay cryptocurrency to your friends very easily, just as you tweet. By using DEFED, all you need in saving and borrowing will be combined in one DeFi Protocol. 

DEFED also emphasizes on security for users and DEFED has already gone through security audits from Certik and Armors on the 1.0 version of the smart contract.

At time of launch, the DEFED IFO has completed over 100 ETH. 

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