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Minimal Progress in Combating Systemic Racism Against Black People: UN Report

According to a new UN Human Rights report, despite some minor success, there remains an urgent need for comprehensive approaches to dismantling deep-rooted systems perpetuating racial discrimination across all areas of life, reports The Mirage. The report warns that there remain “disproportionate outcomes for people of African descent in many countries, notably regarding access to health and adequate food, poverty, education, social protection, justice, enforced disappearance and violence.”

The report notes continuing patterns of allegations of discriminatory treatment; unlawful deportations, excessive use of force and deaths of African migrants and migrants of African descent by law enforcement officials; the continued disproportionate impact of the death penalty, punitive drug policies, arrests and over-representation in prisons; as well as lack of accountability and redress for deaths of Africans and people of African descent during or after an encounter with law enforcement officials. The report adds that, while some emblematic cases have moved forward, none have reached an equitable conclusion.

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