Lido Finance (LDO) Now Has Highest TVL in Defi


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As per Nansen data in December, Ether staking solutions were in high demand as Ethereum shifted to a proof-of-stake mechanism. Lido Finance, a Liquid staking protocol, seems to be strengthened with the Ethereum merge with its total value locked (TVL) now hitting the top position in the Defi. As per Defi lama Data, Lido Finance now has $5.9 billion in TVL surpassing MakerDAO’s $5.89 billion and AAVE’s $3.7 billion. 

According to Lido Finance’s website, the platform has $5.8 billion Ether staked. Meanwhile, there was around $43.9 million in Polygon, a $23.2 million stake in Solana, $11 million in Polkadot, and $2.2 million in Kusama.

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