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LAPD Officer Killed During Training May Have Been Investigating Cops Accused of Gang Rape

The family of LAPD officer Houston Tipping, who was killed during a bicycle training exercise, is suing the department for wrongful death, claiming that he was targeted by one fellow officer who was under investigation for a sexual assault that Tipping had taken the incident report for, writes Elizabeth Nolan Brown for Reason.

Bradley Gage, the family’s lawyer, alleged that at least one officer engaged in an abuse of force to try and scare or harm Tipping to prevent him from investigating the rape case, which he revealed also involved three other LAPD officers. Gage claims that Tipping had three broken ribs, a lacerated liver, head injuries, and a broken neck. A county medical examiner ruled Tipping’s death an accident, saying the suspicious injuries revealed in the autopsy were sustained during attempts to save his life.

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