KoreAI updates make it easier to build low-code chatbots with ChatGPT’s large language model


Kore.AI Inc., a provider of low-code artificial intelligence chatbot development tools, today announced a key upgrade to its platform.

The new capabilities in its Experience Optimization Platform V10.0 will enable companies to leverage the kinds of large language models that power Open AI LLC’s ChatGPT, drastically simplifying the process of designing, training and managing virtual assistants.

Backed by Nvidia Corp., Kore.AI’s tools are designed to help companies build AI virtual assistants and chatbots to handle customer support tasks. The advantage of Kore.AI is that its tools are low-code, meaning users can build chatbots and AI assistants using a visual dashboard, with minimal coding required. It means that companies lacking AI expertise finally have a way to build chatbots quickly and embed them into their customer-facing websites and applications with minimal fuss.

The addition of support for zero-shot and few-shot models to Kore.AI’s platform means that companies can now leverage the power of LLMs and generative AI to create more capable chatbots than before. The LLM behind ChatGPT, for example, eliminates the requirement for finding initial training data. What’s more, LLMs and generative AI can be used to design conversations, create training data, test data and rewrite responses with emotion, further minimizing the effort required to create intelligent and intuitive virtual assistants.

“Generative AI models can come up with contextual content based on pre-trained data,“ said Chief Technology Officer Prasanna Kumar Arikala. “These technologies greatly simplify the way virtual assistants are built and managed.”

Kore.AI said today’s update to its XO platform will also enable more efficient and open integration with global enterprise’s systems, making it easier than ever for businesses to deploy intelligent virtual assistants within them. The platform now counts more than 100 pre-built integrations with common enterprise applications.

There’s a new conversation insights dashboard too, which can help enterprises to better correlate insights with the conversations of their AI chatbots. Those insights should also make it easier for companies to automate some business processes and boost customer engagement.

“Our customers have been deploying highly complex use cases involving voice automation, personalization, omnichannel experience, and fulfillment,” said founder and Chief Executive Raj Koneru. “This has underscored the need for a perpetual cycle of improvisation for virtual assistants in terms of ease of development, training, scalability, personalization and performance, which we have addressed with some of the industry-first innovations in V10.0.”

Image: Kore.AI

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