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Kentucky Hires Retiring Military as Police Officers

Kentucky has launched a plan to recruit active military personnel as police officers during the final 180 days of service. Gov. Andy Beshear says the Military to Law Enforcement Program will address the critical police shortage in the state, reports WKYT in Lexington, Ky. “Across the nation, law enforcement agencies are struggling to hire and retain officers,” he said, adding the program would be an attractive incentive for service members and police agencies.  Under the program, after they are contracted by a law enforcement agency, military members will continue to receive their pay and benefits while they go through law enforcement training.

Veterans in Kentucky cautiously welcomed the program, saying individuals who served in the military could also be used as school resource officers. “Not everything in the military translates into civilian sector,” said said Jeremy Harrell, CEO of Veteran’s Club Inc. But he noted the program “will allow police officers who are serving within the school system to get back on the streets with their department and do their actual job there.”

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