Just Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025: Will JST Go Up?

The cryptoverse homes a plethora of initiatives that deploy innovative ideas to build transforming real-world solutions. JUST is one such prominent decentralized ecosystem on the TRON blockchain. JUST’s goal was to build a range of DeFi solutions on the TRON network. It attempted to distinguish itself from its rivals by providing a variety of innovative tools instead of just a product.

JUST is quickly becoming one of the dominating Dapps in the industry. But, in the future, what else can we expect from the project? Will the value of JST rise significantly over time? Worry not, as we unravel the most plausible JUST coin price prediction for 2022 and even beyond!


Cryptocurrency JUST
Token JST
USD Price $0.02719
Market Cap $242,237,040
Trading Volume $27,094,143
Circulating Supply 8.90B JST
All-time high $0.2083 (Apr 05th, 2021)
All-time low $0.00476 (May 09th, 2020) 

*The statistics are from press time. 

JUST (JST) Price Prediction

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2022 $0.03129 $0.03677 $0.04341
2023 $0.0391 $0.0529 $0.0749
2024 $0.0619 $0.0853 $0.1176
2025 $0.0942 $0.1289 $0.1762

JUST Price Prediction For 2022

JST experienced a minor rally in February 2022 as it was reported to be the third most popular TRON dApp in terms of user volume. The token was trading at $0.05 on March 22nd. It rebounded to reach the monthly peak at $0.08 on April 1st. The value of JST has been continuously falling since then. Successively, at the time of press, the digital asset was changing hands at $0.0271.

JUST Coin Price Prediction For Q3

JUST isn’t just interested in providing a single solution that is useful to a small subset of DeFi consumers. Instead, it is seeking to create a broad suite of solutions that address a variety of DeFi use cases. That being said, a growing user base can propel the price to touch $0.03490.

However, the shrinking stance in the industry may pave the way for a drop below $0.02563. Taking the bullish and bearish targets into account, the average price might settle at $0.03041.

JUST Price Forecast For Q4

The price might rise to $0.04341 with major partnerships, adoptions, and rising prominence.  On the downside, a market dump and harsh criticism may bring the cost down to $0.03129. However, we may anticipate an average trade price of $0.03677.

JUST Price Prediction For 2023

JUST ecosystem comprises five unique products. Each of these is intended to interoperate as well as provide significant convenience to customers. This could help the coin to catch the momentum and rise to the maximum price of $0.0749.

Failing to adhere to its commitments, can call for criticism. In such a case, the price could fall to $0.0391. The lack of fulfilling efforts could lead to the price finding support at $0.0529.

JST Price Prediction For 2024

The network’s great interoperability, utility, and security could drive its price to touch $0.1176 by 2024. On the flip side, factors such as rising inflation and regulatory restrictions might push the price down to $0.00619. However, a balance of purchasing and selling pressures could result in the altcoin reaching $0.0853.

JUST (JST) Price Prediction For 2025

The network price may find momentum from increasing bullish trends and upcoming updates. That being said, the price might close the yearly trade for 2025 with an anticipated high of $0.1762. Conversely, a potential financial breakdown or a global market collapse might cause the price to fall to $0.0942. However, considering the bullish and bearish targets, the average price may find its base at $0.1289.

What Does The Market Say?

Wallet Investor:

The token’s price could increase as high as $0.00351, according to Wallet Investor’s JST coin price prediction for 2022. Conversely, the average price may reach $0.00234 under normal buying and selling pressures. By the end of 2023, the predicted value of the digital asset might reach a high of $0.00156. Consequently, by the end of 2025, it expects the token to increase to a high of $0.000600.

Digital Coin Price: 

According to Digital Coin Price, the altcoin’s greatest anticipated price by the end of 2022 will be $0.0383. The company’s analysts have set the lowest and average closing targets for the year at $0.0330 and $0.0360. The site’s analysts predict that the alternative currency will end 2025 at its potential high of $0.12.

For this year, the experts from the company have set a maximum closing target of $0.040. While a shift in views is expected to drive the cost as low as $0.036, it might cost $0.038 on average. The prediction also contains long-term forecasts. The 2025 trade is therefore expected to close at $0.14.

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What Is JUST (JST)?

JUST is a successful recent TRON blockchain-based DeFi system. It consists of numerous products centred on JustStable, a decentralized stable coin lending platform. It was established in August 2020, and its native currency, JST, has been in use since May 2021.

The ecosystem is intended to be a neutral and borderless centre of DeFi services that any TRON user can use. JUST Organization founded and manages it, and its team includes specialists from Alibaba, Tencent, IBM, and other digital giants.

Unlike many comparable initiatives, it seeks to produce a comprehensive range of solutions to serve numerous use cases. This will make up the entire DeFi community on TRON, rather than a single solution for a fraction of DeFi consumers.

Fundamental Analysis

JST serves as the native currency for the JUST ecosystem’s dApp administration and different protocols. Customers can mine and trade it, as well as earn money by engaging in contests. Just functions as a two-token network centred on the JST and USDJ coins. 

The USDJ pricing is pegged to the USD currency, and JST is established for networking requirements. USDJ can be acquired by investing collateral such as TRON and other collateralized coins. Moreover, the network has five central products.

Apart from this, its ecosystem circles around two main products. JustLend is a system that enables individuals to contribute liquidity and other users to borrow low-interest cryptocurrency loans from all these pools. Similarly, Just Cryptos operates as a bridge between blockchain systems, converting premium altcoins to the TRC-20 norm.

Here are some core features of the JST

  • Supports a comprehensive range of solutions.
  • Designed to suit varying Defi use cases.

Coinpedia’s JST Price Prediction

As per the JST coin, crypto price prediction formulated by our experts the coin portrays strong fundamentals. So as long as bulls outpace bears, the coin’s price can increase to a maximum of $0.045 by the end of  2022. On the flip side, the coin might graze the bottoms at about $0.032 if it fails to build its user base.

Historical Price Analysis


  •  JST was trading for roughly $0.006 at the start of May.
  • On August 12th, the token reached $0.07, breaking its previous high.
  • JST then began to decline, reaching $0.03 at the beginning of September.
  • It was trading at $0.02 before the conclusion of the year.


  • It confronted its next boom in February 2021.
  • On February 20th, JST returned to $0.07
  • The DeFi token declined steadily over the next few months and has yet to break the $0.10 mark.

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Wrapping Up

Unlike many Defi initiatives, JUST seeks to produce a comprehensive range of solutions to serve numerous use cases. However, the coin has been under the dip for a couple of months. Which makes it important to underline its pros and cons before concluding this JST price prediction. 


  • Serves a variety of distinct use cases.
  • Supports a range of tools and products.


  • The coin has some good rivals in the industry and it’s still to the future to see what the team does to stand apart.


What will be the worth of JST by the end of 2022?

By the end of 2022, it is expected that the coin will trade for an average price of $0.03041.

What will the minimum and maximum price of JST be by the end of 2023?

By the end of 2023, the coin can reach record highs with a maximum and minimum trading price of $0.0749 and $0.0391, respectively.

How high can the price of JUST go by the year 2025?

By 2025, the token will trade at its greatest price of $0.1762 by the year 2025.

Will JUST go up?

JST has strong fundamentals and it can rise in the future if it brings in newer updates and partnerships.

Should I invest in JUST?

JST strives to serve a wide range of use cases which can become crucial in the coming days. Hence, it can be a good addition to your portfolio in long term.

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