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Is Corrections Officer Accused of Assault a Prison Misconduct Whistleblower? 

Arizona Corrections Lt. Mark Hasz is preparing to argue that the alleged aggravated assault he was charged with two years ago was a justified use of force and that Hasz is the victim of retaliation by the county and state for whistleblowing about conduct by the state’s prison director months before his arrest, ABC15 reports. Officials have so far denied the allegations. According to a Maricopa County Attorney’s Office spokesperson, prosecutors “examined the facts and evidence and determined that a felony had been committed and prosecuted the case appropriately.”

According to court documents, Hasz’s attorneys have received hundreds of use-of-force films from the state prison system and are preparing to use them in court to demonstrate examples of incidents in which no charges or disciplinary action were ever taken. ABC15 reporters say that the network was able to get tapes of violent incidents that may show an inconsistency between when Maricopa County decided to refer incidents for prosecution or keep them to themselves.

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