Introducing The New Bridges Exchange Aggregator

First, there was the launch for our token, Bridge$. Then there was the launch of Bridges Exchange as a decentralized exchange (DEX). Today, we’re thrilled to announce the next chapter: We’ve launched the new Bridges Exchange aggregator at

When we set out in 2021 to launch Bridges, we did so with the full understanding that we would be operating in a crowded market. To be successful, we knew we would need to bring innovation and, there are a number of aspects to Bridges that reflect this commitment: 

  • First, we’re mission-driven and have a goal of making the future of finance accessible to everyone. Not just experienced insiders, but women, the underbanked, and other groups that haven’t previously had as much access to tools and knowledge about DeFi.
  • Second, we’re committed to making DeFi a safer place. Although we can’t eliminate every risk, we can do our part to thoroughly vet projects and project developers–and to work to keep unscrupulous actors out of our ecosystem. You can read more about our project listing criteria here.

And finally, Chapter 3: the new Bridges Exchange Aggregator. 

It turns out that getting the best swap possible wasn’t all that easy beforehand—especially on tokens with transaction fees built in. Of course, there were always slow transactions, possibly being charged fees twice, and high gas fees to deal with. But there was also just a lot of looking around: “Should I swap here or should I swap there? What about the other dozens of Exchanges that I didn’t check and maybe don’t even know about?” 

The new Bridges Exchange aggregator does all of that work for you, but it goes further than anyone else. In addition to finding the best swap price possible, the aggregator tells you how much you’re saving (or losing) with various options, and can actually execute the swap on your behalf. When it comes to tokens with fees, we’ve made sure that you won’t be charged fees twice, and your gas fees will be up to 65% lower.

It’s smart, it’s simple, and it’s fast.

And… we’re still not done. Chapter 4 will bring further enhancements to nearly every part of the Bridges ecosystem, so start swapping—but don’t stop following us as we’re continuously rolling out new functionality to make DeFi better, safer, and faster for everyone.

Start swapping at

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