High School Esports League 2022 League of Legends Champions


The 2022 high school esports fall season has completed the championship matchups on the PlayVS platform, bringing an end to the 2022 season.

Here are the champions and runners-up in each region for “League of Legends.” 


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Champion: Loveless Academic Magnet Prog High School — LAMP Legends Gold

Runner-Up: Bob Jones High School — BJHS Bao

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Champion: Mat-Su Central School — MSCS Ravens LoL Black Team

Runner-Up: Kenai Central High School — KCHS Leagintime

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Southside High School — Maverick Esports: Varsity

Runner-Up: Bryant High School — HiveFive

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: University Hill Secondary School — Hawks Black

Runner-Up: Lambrick Park Secondary School — Lions

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: West High School — West Esports

Runner-Up: Rancho Buena Vista High School — RBV League of Legends 2021

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Pella High School (Iowa) — Dutch Destroyers

Runner-Up: Middleton High School (Wis.) — TSM – MHS

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Grandview High School — Wolfpack Legends – Black

Runner-Up: Chaparral High School — Chaparral Trojan Armadillos

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: University High School of Science and Engineering — UHSSE LOL Alpha Team

Runner-Up: Simsbury High School — Simsbury Trojans League of Legends

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Worcester Academy (Maine) — Woostaa Telecom

Runner-Up: DC International School (D.C.) — DCI Dragons Rise

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Coral Reef Senior High School — Tempest

Runner-Up: Doral Academy Charter High School — Doral Academy Firebirds A

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Duluth High School — Duluth High School Purple

Runner-Up: Northview High School — Northview Varsity

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: President William McKinley High School — McKLoL1

Runner-Up: President Theodore Roosevelt High School — No Fun Allowed

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Adlai E Stevenson High School — AESHS Patriots Gold

Runner-Up: Grant Community High School — Bulldogs

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Thomas Nelson High School — Thomas Nelson Gaming

Runner-Up: Lafayette High School — Lafayette Generals

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Noble High School — Noble Knights

Runner-Up: Cape Elizabeth High School — Cape Elizabeth LoL

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Shrewsbury Sr High School — SHS – Gatekeepers

Runner-Up: Newton South High School — Newton South esports

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Novi High School — Novi Wildcats LoL

Runner-Up: Mona Shores High School — MS TheSwaggyFoods

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Bishop Blanchet High School (Wash.) — BBHS Bears

Runner-Up: Early College Academy (N.M.) — The ECA Phantoms (League)

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Syosset Senior High School — Syosset LoL

Runner-Up: Schenectady High School — Schenectady LOL

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Piedmont High School — PHS Wildcat League Blue

Runner-Up: Ada High School — AHS Cougars

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Wylie High School (Texas) — Minion Diff

Runner-Up: Allen High School (Texas) — Allen Eagles League

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: The Village School — The Village School

Runner-Up: St. Thomas High School — STH

(Courtesy of PlayVS)

Champion: Freedom High School — Freedom Eagles

Runner-Up: Rock Ridge High School — Rock Ridge Phoenixes Red

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