Heat Waves, Emus, and Prairie Dogs



An illustration of a cartoon emu running past a McDonald's, holding a Happy Meal box in its beak.

Conventional wisdom among ranchers holds that the prairie dog is a nuisance to be eradicated. The rascally varmints compete with cattle for grass and create potentially hazardous subterranean towns that can cause a cow to break a leg. But new research conducted at the Borderlands Research Institute at Sul Ross State University shows prairie dogs deserve more credit, the Texas Standard reported. Turns out that all of their rooting around encourages different weeds to sprout, which can provide more nutrients for cattle.



A cartoon illustration of the state of Texas, sweating under a hot sun while sitting in front of a fan.


A cartoon image of a white and pink wedding cake, decorated with red roses and a bride and groom wedding topper that are shaped like dogs dressed in a tuxedo and wedding dress.

Creepy dolls keep washing up on South Texas beaches this summer. Some doll babies lack their eyes; others wash up with mouths full of sand. Still, some bold Texan beachgoers have begun collecting them. The source of the dolly flotsam is so far unknown, KEN5 TV reported.

San Antonio

Weddings seem to be going to the dogs. In San Antonio, shelter volunteers recently arranged for two chihuahuas to get hitched. Nine-year-old Peanut and 3-year-old Cashew, apparently already inseparable, tied the knot at the San Antonio Humane Society in Bexar County. The two were photographed decked out in finery beside a wedding “chapel” built by a volunteer. Peanut and Cashew were both available individually for adoption at the SAHS, but staff hoped they could continue to honeymoon together.

Illustrations by Drue Wagner

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