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Hackers Release Data From LA School District After Superintendent Refuses to Pay Up


Hackers released a wide-ranging set of data allegedly including social security numbers and information from W-9s from Los Angeles Unified School District on Oct. 2, a day after Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said he would not negotiate with the hackers or pay a ransom, reports Howard Blume for the Los Angeles Times.

The release of data came two days earlier than the ransom deadline set by the so-called ‘Vice Society.’ The extent of the data theft is now being evaluated by federal and local authorities, including the school district. While Carvalho said that he believed confidential information of employees was not stolen, the LATimes reports that he was less certain about information related to students, which could include names and private information like grades, course schedules, disciplinary records and disability status. The hackers claimed to have stolen 500gbs of data in an attack that is part of a series targeting k-12 schoool districts and colleges and universities.

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