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Former Arizona Cop Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor After Tasing Incident


Former Glendale police officer Matthew Schneider pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct last Friday, Dave Biscobing reports for ABC 15 Arizona.  Schneider’s actions during a questionable 2017 traffic stop made national headlines after local news investigated and body cam footage from the scene revealed Schneider’s bizarre fixation and assault on the passenger. Schneider avoided both jail time and probation and must pay just $115 in court fees. Schneider forfeited his police officer certification before he was charged but will be able to collection a pension and benefits on a disability claim.

More on the details of the incident: During a turn signal traffic stop, Schneider approached the passenger side of the car instead of the driver side and demanded the passenger’s ID. When the passenger responded confused, Schneider ultimately restrained him on the ground, tasing him at least 11 times.

At one point, Schneider pulled down Wheatcroft’s pants and tased him in the groin before threatening to tase him in his penis in an assault caught on body camera video and performed in front of the victim’s children. “The behavior that happened that day was not only inappropriate, it was criminal. He has pled to a criminal action. That was the goal of this case,” a prosecutor on the case said.

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