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Blockchains play an important role in the crypto market. With Solana and Ethereum being two of the leading blockchains, they are also each other’s biggest competitors. Whilst some users prefer to use crypto projects based on Ethereum and others Solana, let’s compare how the two differ. Launchpads such as BoostX and TrustPad can help meet your crypto/blockchain needs. 

Ethereum vs Solana

As two of the biggest cryptocurrencies and blockchains in the market, Ethereum and Solana have unique points as to why users tend to lean towards them over other blockchains. 

Ethereum is the largest blockchain in the market. Building on Bitcoin’s innovation, both allow users to use digital money without the need for banks or providers. However, Ethereum goes a step further as it is programmable. This means users can use its blockchain for multiple digital assets. Not only can you make payments, but Ethereum is also a marketplace of financial services, games and apps that cannot steal any data. 

However, Ethereum is known to have issues at times of high volumes of traffic as gas fees tend to rise significantly. This has proven to be a big issue with users as some have had to pay thousands in gas fees alone. 

Solana on the other hand targets this issue and focuses on low fees and fast transaction speeds. Known to be the fastest blockchain in the space, Solana has been dubbed as the ‘Ethereum-killer’. Additionally, Solana has the fastest-growing ecosystem in the crypto space, with thousands of projects spanning from DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more. 

Similarly to Ethereum, Solana is also censorship-resistant as the Solana network is spread between thousands of independent nodes, ensuring the safety of all user transactions.

BoostX and TrustPad Help Find The Best Blockchain-Based Projects 

When it comes to finding projects built on either Ethereum or Solana, it is beneficial to use launchpads such as BoostX or TrustPad. Both being multi-chain launchpads, they support presale projects that are looking to build communities and raise funds before their official launch. Whilst there is an endless list of launchpads in the market, these two are the best ones when it comes to blockchains as many are limited to single blockchains. 

BoostX is known for its diverse range of projects, showcasing projects built on five different blockchains targeting different market sectors such as meme coins and DeFi projects. Hence, for users that are looking for high-quality projects to compare, BoostX is a useful launchpad for this. Additionally, BoostX has a secure vetting process that each project must go through to analyse its safety and potential for success. This is done to bring ease to users and reassure them that every project is safe to purchase tokens from. 

Similarly, TrustPad is one of the safest launchpads in the market aiming to also reassure users that every project is safe and secure. With the word ‘Trust’ in its name, users feel safe using it. Furthermore, high-quality crypto projects are promoted on TrustPad, allowing users to compare projects from various blockchains, including Ethererum and Solana.

The Better Launchpad?

Whilst both launchpads are safe to use and showcase high-quality projects built on various blockchains, it seems as if BoostX may be the better option as it provides extra features for its users. Aiming to provide a diverse range of projects, the project developers are given more control in customising their project’s presale, providing users with more options.

Whether you want to find a project built on Ethereum, Solana, or another blockchain, BoostX is the place to start comparing. 

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