Eskom launches crowdsourcing platform to address skills shortage


Eskom has launched a crowdsourcing digital platform that it hopes will draw in new hires with the critical electrical and engineering skills it needs to address its operational challenges related to South Africa’s current electricity supply crisis.

The platform will help Eskom supplement its skills and allows it to tap into the pool of skilled persons in the country.

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The state-owned power utility has struggled with load shedding for about 15 years now due to its inability to generate enough electricity.

Eskom’s new crowdsourcing platform is its response to calls for more highly skilled power generation personnel to assist in its recovery and rebuilding skills within the utility.

“A digital platform and governance mechanism have been designed and implemented to reap the full benefits of the diversity of skills across the country through the crowdsourcing of these skills into the business,” Eskom said in a statement on Tuesday.

It said the crowdsourcing route, which differs from traditional recruitment, is triggered by specific technical challenges.

“[This] is not linked to a permanent position, and it targets a talent pool that consists of highly skilled and experienced persons,” Eskom added.

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The utility is looking for highly skilled electricity generation experts such as engineers, power plant operators, artisans and technicians.

It has already managed to attract 238 individuals, 135 of them who have been shortlisted as potential candidates. Around 25 candidates have been selected for the first phase of the crowdsourcing intake.

“These individuals will commence work between November and December 2022. Additional recruitment will take place as and when required by the business, to meet specific technical needs,” Eskom said.

“To ensure sustainability and to maximise the impact of these skills, each crowdsourced individual is required to transfer skills to the permanent Eskom team that they will work with,” it pointed out.

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