DeVere Group CEO Predicts The State of Crypto Market By End of 2022! Here’s What Traders Can Expect


Shattered Bitcoin (BTC) bulls may be eagerly awaiting the Federal Reserve to abandon its liquidity tightening and extend a lifeline to risky assets. Since quite some time ago, Bitcoin has maintained range-bound price behavior, circling over the $19,000 level and showing an unnerving lack of volatility.

BTC’s price firmly remains at $19,000 in the third week of October. However, several analysts are expressing concern that the long-awaited classic volatility may come back sooner rather than later.

According to the CEO of the massive financial consultant deVere Group, opportunities will soon arise due to market volatility in the cryptocurrency sector for investors who are long in the asset class. In a recent blog post, deVere CEO Nigel Green stated that additional declines in risk-on assets should be anticipated along with ongoing interest rate hikes from central banks.

Increased volatility–not a curse!

He predicts that by the end of 2022, the cryptocurrency market will experience additional, possibly increased volatility given Bitcoin and Ether’s existing correlation with stock markets. But this won’t necessarily be seen negatively by professional investors.

Major investors, particularly institutional ones, will approach it similarly to how they would any other market’s instability. In traditional financial markets, some of the top investors regularly use market volatility as significant buying opportunities. Volatility, when used wisely and successfully, maybe a very potent financial approach, he said. 

DeVere emphasizes how over the past five years, Bitcoin has typically produced substantially larger gains than leading tech companies like Amazon and Apple. Green thinks that if another capitulation event occurs, savvy long-term investors may be able to profit from panicked sellers.

“Bitcoin remains the best-performing asset class in the world, and has consistently ranked amongst the best for both traditional and crypto investment sectors over the last few years.”

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